Individuals that work together can encourage and remind the world that all acts of ministry are supported by those who are primarily influenced by another minister of the gospel!

We love to see ministries become more effective as they discover the rewards of regular care for their leaders. We’d love for you to share and take part in our vision of seeing a nation of pastors who regularly feel encouraged and supported by their congregations. We hope that you remind others to come alongside and join us as we encourage our pastors.

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Why Its So Important

Our pastors are under constant spiritual attack. Most of us never realize the depth and intensity of the spiritual attacks they face during the 10,000 minutes in between Sunday morning messages. Regarding attacks on our spiritual leadership, one pastor said, “When you get to the higher levels, you face higher devils!”

It’s so critical that we as a nation of Christians learn to give back, creatively and consistently refilling the pitchers of those who are constantly pouring themselves into the rest of us.

Having you guys in my corner has been a game changer in my life and ministry. Thank you Energize Ministries.

Pastor Scott Haulter
Catalyst Church