We at Energize Ministries desire to come alongside Pastors’ Wives-recognizing the unique role that God has called them to fulfill.  We want to support and encourage them by being their friend, by providing safe places for them to share, by offering a listening ear, and by helping to connect them with other pastors’ wives who understand what ministry life is all about.

Philippians 4:14 says, “It was a beautiful thing that you came alongside me…” 

Charlotte Jumper

Pastor’s Wife Support

Charlotte’s role at Energize Ministries is to provide support for our pastors’ wives. Charlotte has been involved in mentoring for many years and currently serves as a leader in her church’s mentoring ministry.  She served four years as a caregiver in the Stephens Ministry program where she met her husband. Her passion is to serve women, inspiring and encouraging them so they realize that they are never alone.  We serve a God rich in mercy, and his great love is never withheld from us.

In 2019, she went on a mission trip to the UBTS Baptist Seminary in L’viv, Ukraine, where she taught, encouraged, and mentored women pursing degrees in ministry.  It was this experience that opened up her eyes and created  in her a desire to do more for God in her retirement years. God was working in her heart and stirring the desire for something new – something that used her gifts to glorify Him. She is excited about connecting Pastors’ wives so that they can come alongside one other in prayer and encouragement; not only sharing in each other’s joys and blessings, but also in life’s challenges.

Charlotte is married to Stephen, who is serving as the North America Mission’s Coordinator for International Commission. Together they have three daughters and four grandchildren.  She loves  traveling with her husband, being outdoors, gardening, and playing golf with friends. In her spare time, she loves to read, write, and work on various projects.



Energize Ministries wants to create safe environments for our pastors’ wives where they can feel welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated. We want our Coffee Connections to be that safe place for them, thus setting the stage for growing deep relationships with Christ and other pastors’ wives. You are invited to attend one of our upcoming Pastors’ Wives Coffee Connections. We want you to experience a place where you can share in the joys, blessings, and struggles of life as a pastor’s wife and then come alongside one another to pray, share, and encourage. Every woman in ministry needs other women to have her back. Come and fill your tank with love and friendship with like-minded, kindred spirits.

Our goal is to hold these Coffee Connections in different locations throughout North Carolina as well as surrounding states. Let us know if you would like us to host a Pastors’ Wives Coffee Connection near you. 

If you would like to stay up-to-date on other upcoming events for our pastors’ wives, or maybe you just need a friend to talk to, please send Charlotte your contact information.


Upcoming COFFEE CONNECTIONS- Dates & Locations

June 16th @ 6:30-Shore House, East Eden, NC

Please RSVP: if you plan attend one of our upcoming Coffee Connections.  Come out and enjoy some sweet fellowship, coffee/tea and a treat on us. Charlotte will be hosting these events and can’t wait to meet you. 


I recently came across this post from weary, hurting pastor’s wife. She shared-“Today I gladly hand in my ‘Pastor’s Wife’ title…a church member came up to me after a Bible study to tell me how inconsiderate I had been and how I had hurt someone’s feelings.  The Sunday she was referencing, I had had a sinus infection along with a migraine headache and had barely made it through the service. I then went home to sleep through the next two days.  I do not even remember much from that service, but I’m being reprimanded because I didn’t do whatever she thought I should have or should not have done and I’m just tired!”

Maybe you are a pastor’s wife who has been in this exact same spot, or maybe you  are a church member who never thought about all the pressures a pastor’s wife faces trying to please and meet the expectations of so many people.  Some days are just hard, and we all need to give grace to each other.

Next time are tempted to criticize your Pastor’s Wife, can you take a minute and try to imagine what it is like to walk in her shoes and to live in a glass house with so many named and unnamed expectations?  Can you instead of sharing something negative, take that opportunity to #betheone to write her a thank note and show her what it is like to be encouraged, supported, and loved?  Maybe God could use you to allow her to happily reclaim her “Pastor’s Wife” title.

Finding Joy

Sometimes you have to let go of the picture you thought life would be and learn to find joy in the life you are living.” That quote really hit home to me. Three years ago, I became a widow. It’s not the life I had imagined when I married my high school sweetheart and pastor husband.  I thought we would grow old together and retire doing mission work and traveling cross country in an RV helping churches. But life does not always give us what we had hoped for or envisioned.

I know most pastors don’t end up with the problem-free church of their seminary dreams.  Believe me, problem free churches do not exist!   If you are a pastor or a pastor’s wife though, we are here to help you keep the JOY when those problems do arise.  Joy in the life you’ve been called to, and in the relationships, you’ve been given.  Learning this can be hard work- for all of us, but it is a choice we need to make EVERY day.  If we can train our minds to focus on the joys and blessings in our life-they are there, if you will look for them-instead of the problems—which are so easy to spot; we can, like Paul begin to say that we have learned in whatever state we are, to be content and to even find JOY!