Release, Hold Harmless Agreement, and

Assumption of Risk

1. I, the undersigned, have read and understand, and for good and valuable consideration, freely and voluntarily enter into this Release, Hold Harmless Agreement and Assumption of Risk with Energize Ministries understanding this release and agreement is a waiver of any and all claims, lawsuits, rights to recover, and any other recourse against Energize Ministries for any injury or damages however denominated I may suffer or incur while engaged in any activities related to Energize Ministries.
2. I understand there are many significant dangers I could, and probably will incur during our elected and/or requested activities. Understanding the risks, I hereby release Energize Ministries, its officers, directors, employees and anyone else directly or indirectly connected with the organization from any liability whatsoever in the event of injury or damage of any kind or perhaps even death to me or anyone else connected with our activities.
3. I understand, recognize and warrant that this Release, Hold Harmless Agreement and Assumption of Risk is being voluntarily and intentionally signed and agreed to.
4. To be perfectly clear, I’m signing this because I understand without any doubt, I am fully responsible for my decisions, choices, and actions. I will not hold Energize Ministries or its supporters, donors, and contributors responsible or liable for anything that may happen to me related to my encounter(s) with Energize Ministries.
Please fill out the sections below that pertain to you. Either signing for you or for a minor. Submit a separate form for each person.
Read. Make sure this is the right name!!
I consent to sign electronically (this consent is for individuals, witnesses and guardians. Do not sign if you do not consent to electronic signature)(Required)

There are three e-signature sections below, individual, minor and witness. Please e-sign either the individual OR minor section (depending on the age of the participant) AND the witness section. A witness should sign for both individuals and minors.

A new hold harmless form is required for each attendee.

Individual signature section (Not required if the form is for a minor)

Signature for minor section (Not required if the form is for an adult)

Pleased use a witness for both adult and minor individuals