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Pastor Membership is here! Starting on January 1, 2024, Energize Ministries will be making a change. We will be offering free membership to pastors to be able to enjoy all that we have to offer. This is part of our transition to a more digital system. As we expand our footprint, we are adopting some new processes so we can better serve everyone. They will simplify things on our end. We realize filling out forms is not anyone’s favorite activity. We ask for your help in doing this. It will keep us effective, and we will keep the process as simple as possible. We appreciate your patience and are thankful for any feedback on our new system. Plus, your free membership comes with perks!

Membership has its priviledges!

  • It is free and easy.
  • Your membership will automatically be renewed (providing there are no substantive changes in your pastoral position or beliefs – or our system).
  • You will have special opportunities for Energize Ministries events and contests.
  • You will receive access to our lodge and retreat center booking calendar.
  • You will have priority access to our concerts, cruises, trips, special speakers, movie screenings and more Energize Ministries offerings.

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