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Having you guys in my corner has been a game changer in my life and ministry. Thank you Energize Ministries.

Pastor Scott Haulter
Catalyst Church

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1005433_595540730485610_141593699_nEnergize Ministries is a non profit 501(c)3 organization supported primarily through your donations. Your support allows us to connect individually with pastors to encourage and help refresh and restore them. Your support also enables us to grow our network of inner church representatives, and to equip them with tools and resources they need to continually reinvest in the lives of their own pastors.

Through your giving we are also able to produce our radio messages and contests further encouraging others to allow God to use them as a source of refreshment and restoration for their own pastor(s).

We believe and trust that God uses our ministry to create an awareness of what a healthy and vibrant congregation looks like, starting with their leaders. Ultimately we believe that every act of Christian service across the world is supported by people whose  primary source of spiritual influence is another minister of the gospel…therefore we again stress the importance of maintaining healthy and vibrant ministries.

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