Disclaimer – despite the picture, no boxing will occur at this event.


First ever Clergy Clash Competition!


It’s a day of fun at our Martinsville lodge property. We are going to have pastors enjoy a day of competitions with each other. We will have 10 events or so, keep score and crown a winner at the end of the day. Mainly we want it to be fun and relaxing. However, we expect you to win, so cheat if need be… As II Hezekiah says, “the Lord delights a cheerful winner, so rejoice when your foe is overwhelmed.”  OK, no cheating, and I can’t seem to find that exact verse right now…

The events will be varied. Some will require a physical talent (But nothing too strenuous), some a mental talent (But nothing too strenuous) and some will be as much luck as skill. Mainly it is a fun chance to unwind, enjoy nature at the retreat property, have no “shop talk” and to encourage each other. A ‘Competition’, not really a ‘Clash’. As with most Energize Ministries events, it’s free – and we will feed you lunch. If you are not competitive, but would like the fellowship, come and help keep score! Either way, register below.

The date is Tuesday, July 30th. We’ll plan to get there around 9:30 and compete until 4:30 ish. We want to get you home at as reasonable a time as possible. More details once you register. If you have questions, contact Joel@energizeministries.com.

Fill out the form below to register.