Membership benefits.

As a member, you will have the first opportunity to reserve space at Energize Ministries events. In the past, these have included;

  •  Contests
  •  Cruises
  •  Concert
  •  Trips
  •  Energize the ballpark events
  •  Movie premier screenings
  •  Special speakers
  •  And much more. We will email our member pastors before we open the event to non-members. It may only be a few days before due to logistics, but we will give you first chance.
  •  You also get the opportunity for a free stay, once per year, at the Energize Ministries Lodge. Here is a short description of the lodge reservation process. You must be a member to access the lodge reservation page.
      • To be able to see this page, you must be currently logged in as an Energize Ministries member. We cannot see your password. We can reset it though if you need us to. Just email us at
      • Under the ‘Membership’ tab at the top of the page, the pull-down menu includes ‘Lodge Reservations’. That will take you through the process of selecting available dates.
      • On the first reservation page you will select your lodge dates, there are two other confirmation pages to click through. First, make sure your dates are correct. There must be a full day between your reservation and the next. Confirmed, booked calendar dates are in red. White dates are buffer days or other unavailable dates – this is built into the page, so you can’t avoid it. It won’t let you request dates that conflict with this policy. The website will prompt you to leave a day in between automatically. After the last page (don’t stop until you get through the final request), your dates will be submitted for final approval. No one else can book your dates once you have submitted your request. Those dates are closed.
      • During that process, you will be asked to indicate why you are requesting the use of the lodge. There is a drop-down menu with the four approved uses for you to choose from, and to re-affirm your agreement with our statement of faith.
      • After your lodge request has been approved, you can use this link to our online hold-harmless agreement.    One of these must be electronically completed for each member of your party (Including minors). We will receive your submission automatically once you click to submit the form.
      • After all the hold harmless forms are received by us, we will send you details for the lodge, including the address, gate code, amenities, and responsibilities. We may cancel your reservation if we do not receive the hold harmless submissions.
      • The lodge is intended to be a relaxing, refreshing and reconnecting place for as many pastors, their families and/or staff as possible. It is not intended to be a frequent free vacation spot for one person or group. We allow a pastor to use it once per calendar year. Please respect that policy so that others may also be refreshed.