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Difficult People

Have you ever been asked, "How's ministry going?" And you reply, or at least think in your head, if you don't have the courage to voice it, "Oh, ministry would great, if it wasn't for the people." Every church has some of the same church members. Mr. A who places a...

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Love is an Action

Have you ever said, "I love my church or I love my pastor after you heard a great sermon?" If you have that's great, and we are thankful you feel that way; but what have to ever done to let your pastor know that's how you feel?  We've all heard the expression,...

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Shattered Dreams

What happens when ministry doesn't turn out the way you thought it would?  This year of COVID masks and shutdowns was never part of your plans for your church. You might feel blindsided by this twist, and it is certainly not what you signed up.  When God called you to...

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