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One frustration many pastor’s wives face is the expectations placed on them by church members. What was supposed to be her husband’s job also becomes hers, as she finds herself chairing committees, leading the women’s ministry and working in the nursery on Sunday. More than one pastor’s wife has said it seems that the church

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Dave’s Designs

Dave’s Designs come from the founder of Energize Ministries, Dave Annan. Dave was our beloved pastor who fought a courageous four year battle with cancer. In the final stages, when he was too weak to do anything else he would spend days, weeks, and months doodling and sketching out visual images related to his prayers

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What’s Your Pastor’s Batting Average?

Did you know that the record for the highest batting average in Major League Baseball still belongs to outfielder Ty Cobb. He had an average of .366 over twenty four seasons. That means that for every 10 times at bat, he only succeeded in getting on base a little more than three times.   While

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