At Energize Ministries our mission is to provide encouragement, refreshment, and recreation for pastors and ministry leaders. That mission extends to the spouses and families of clergy members as well.  Our guest blogger, Joy Greene from Joytime Ministries,  shares some thoughts about how important it is to befriend those who have married into ministry.

“I wonder if you’ve ever thought about how difficult it must be for a pastor’s wife?  I have some dear friends whose husbands are pastors and I can tell you they are not immune to struggles.  They face the same problems that you and I face, except it can be much more difficult for them to find people to lean on.


Who can THEY go to when they are struggling with a sin or even have trouble in their own marriages?  Aren’t they the ones that everyone else comes to for advice?


Today, I hope you will find a way to encourage your pastor’s wife.


I hope you’ll spend some time in prayer for her and that you’ll reach out to her and give her encouragement.  It’s really important for you and I to remember that our pastor’s wife needs friendship, encouragement and love, the same way we do.  So make an effort today, my friend, to let your pastor’s wife know what she means to you.”


One way to bless your pastor’s wife might be to invite her to join you for a night of music, fellowship and ministry with Joy Greene!  On Thursday Evening, June 18, 2015, First Wesleyan Church in High Point will be hosting a Night with Joy Greene, Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave and the band, I Am They.  Find more information at