In the book, Pastors are People Too, authors Jimmy Dodd and Larry Magnuson suggest that we, as churchgoers,  each make a list of 20 expectations we have for our pastors.  Your list might include things like: he should deliver powerful and relevant sermons, he should be there if my family has a crisis, he should have a friendly and welcoming demeanor, his family should regularly participate in church activities, and so on.  

Once your list of 20 has been made, the authors say to multiply your 20 expectations by the number of members of your church’s congregation, and you will have some sense of the immense pressure to please that your pastor faces every day.   

If you find yourself disappointed because your pastor did not live up to your expectations in some way, #BeTheOne to offer grace and understanding, recognizing that your needs are just a few of the many that he is likely trying to meet.