What does your pastor need most from you at this very moment?

Your prayers.

Pastors and clergy members live in a spiritual war zone and prayer is the weapon we have each been given to help fight these battles. Will you take time today, right now even, to pray for him or her?  Here are three areas that you might focus on as you pray:

Pray for his family-  Caring for both a family at home and a family at church is no easy task.  Pray for love and harmony in his relationships.  And pray that grace will be abundant in the times when things get out of balance.

Pray for his physical health and healing – Many pastors work 50-60 hours per week (or more), allowing little time for self-care. Pray that your pastor will have opportunities for rest and rejuvenation.  And pray that God will protect his health.

Pray for his emotional well-being – Pastors are no less human than the rest of us.  They struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, addictions and a whole host of other issues as well.  And, as a pastor, it is hard to find someone to confide in about these feelings. Pray that God will minister to your pastor in these areas.  

Prayer is powerful!  Don’t miss the opportunity today, and everyday, to #BeTheOne to cover your pastor with prayer!