Have you ever wondered when is the best time to pray for your ministry leaders? Pastor Casey Bradford of High Point provides this first-hand insight:

“As a pastor, I pray that the church I minister to prays for me every day, but ESPECIALLY on Monday! After fighting off spiritual attacks while planning and delivering my message (on top of all of my other responsibilities as a ministry leader), Monday is the day that all of my worries start to sink in, and I start questioning my ability to lead.

  • Did the message include at least one complete thought?
  • Was I boring? I saw someone sleeping the entire time…
  • Did the parents of that screaming baby see my panicked look of distraction? Will they be back?!?

But most importantly, was Jesus magnified and glorified in all we did in word and deed?

This is the question that weighs most heavily on my heart as I begin to prepare for the phone calls, prayer requests, visitations, and counseling sessions for the upcoming week, and as I begin to study for the next message.

These and many more are the questions I ask myself on Monday, and the devil always tries to make it worse than it is! So please, remember to pray for your pastor… especially on Monday!”