I recently came across this post from weary, hurting pastor’s wife. She shared-

“Today I gladly hand in my ‘Pastor’s Wife’ title…a church member came up to me after a Bible study to tell me how inconsiderate I had been and how I had hurt someone’s feelings. The Sunday she was referencing, I had had a sinus infection along with a migraine headache and had barely made it through the service. I then went home to sleep through the next two days. I do not even remember much from that service, but I’m being reprimanded because I didn’t do whatever she thought I should have or should not have done and I’m just tired!”

Maybe you are a pastor’s wife who has been in this exact same spot, or maybe you are a church member who never thought about all the pressures a pastor’s wife faces trying to please and meet the expectations of so many people. Some days are just hard, and we all need to give grace to each other.

Next time are tempted to criticize your Pastor’s Wife, can you take a minute and try to imagine what it is like to walk in her shoes and to live in a glass house with so many named and unnamed expectations? Can you instead of sharing something negative, take that opportunity to #betheone to write her a thank note and show her what it is like to be encouraged, supported, and loved? Maybe God could use you to allow her to happily reclaim her “Pastor’s Wife” title.