A gauntlet is defined as a group of soldiers lined up for a guilty party to run through and be beaten by weapons. A pastor told me that he rarely has anyone tell him how a sermon impacted them. At the most he hears, “Nice sermon” in the gauntlet. What is the gauntlet?  It is his name for the line of people waiting to shake hands after the service where he bares their criticisms. “Too cold, too hot, too loud, couldn’t hear, poor song choices, get rid of the drums, keep the babies from crying, someone took my parking spot, get new carpet, put the flag on stage, wear a suit” – the list goes on. It is a beating of tiny criticisms.

Critical people will tell you they are only speaking the truth. Well, if the truth is only negative, we need to examine our motives. It takes seven positive comments to overcome the weight of one that is negative. Be an encourager in the gauntlet. Go out of your way to bring up positives, and please share how the sermons impact your walk with Christ.