In the Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy sees Aslan when no one else does. They don’t believe her, so she does nothing. Later, when she meets Aslan, she hugs him and says, “I knew it was you, the whole time, I knew it. But the others didn’t believe me.” Aslan asks, “and why would that stop you from coming to me?” Lucy reflects and says,” I’m sorry, I was too scared to come alone.” Wouldn’t that be a sad, hard, and tearful thing to say to Jesus one day? “I knew I saw you, but I was too scared to act.”

There can be many ways when Christians are scared to act. We see a place where Jesus is giving us an opportunity, but we don’t do anything. One of those may be when we see our pastor and family under pressure. Maybe no one else is with us. Maybe we don’t know what to do. Or maybe we think someone else will do something. Let’s step up! Don’t wait until burn out takes your pastor. BETHEONE to encourage and enrich their life. Forget the hesitation and fear, do it for the honor of Aslan.