At Energize Ministries, our focus every day is appreciating pastors. And, what better time to talk about pastor appreciation than October, which is officially Clergy Appreciation Month!? There are so many ways you, your family and your congregation can make a point to show your pastor how much he or she is loved: a handwritten note, a gift card to his favorite store or restaurant, an all-expense paid date night with his wife, babysitting included.

But, what does your pastor REALLY want?

We asked several ministers what they thought the perfect pastor appreciation gift would be. Almost unanimously, their answer was time away! Here are a few of their comments:

  • “A cruise would be awesome because, once at sea, I’d have no choice but to leave my work behind, catch my breath and focus on quality time with my wife.”
  • “A trip away with my family….a little cabin on a lake somewhere would be perfect.”
  • “A weekend trip for my family at a place like the Great Wolf Lodge. Really anything that involves guilt-free time off with the family.”
  • “The perfect gift would be a planned, paid, three month sabbatical!”

It’s pretty clear that what pastors want most, but would probably never admit to their congregations, is some time away from the church and the never ending responsibilities that come along with their job. And, it’s no surprise! The average pastor works 60+ hours per week, and feels like he never really gets “done”.

This October, why not honor your pastor by sending him packing! Talk to his wife, friends and family to find out what he’d really love to do, and then make it happen! If lots of other church members chip in, you could arrange a really wonderful time of relaxation for your pastor and his family. And, in return, you’ll get a refreshed and renewed pastor. It’s a win-win!