Does your church provide a sabbatical for your pastor? This is an amazing way for the church to show their love and care for their pastor’s mental, physical, emotional, and family health. Sabbaticals allow them the opportunity to really disconnect from the ministry, to attend other churches where they can be fed instead of being the one responsible for giving out the Word, where they can gain new vision and prospective for their ministry, and where they can have uninterrupted family time. A sponge that constantly pours out will eventually dry up if it is not allowed the time needed to absorb fluid back into itself. Scripture shows us how the farmers were required to give their fields a “sabbatical” so the ground had the needed time to renourish itself. What a sabbatical looks like can be different from church to church. Providing this time away for your pastor to replenish and recharge will not only reap benefits for your pastor and his family, but those benefits will also reap a harvest in your church and its congregation. Providing a sabbatical is one of the best ways a church can say we love and truly care for our pastor! #Betheone!