You might not have known this, but March is Pastors’ Wives Appreciation Month.  Maybe you also didn’t know about all the sacrifices your pastor’s wife makes behind the scenes that are never recognized or applauded. The emergency phone call that cancels the planned family night because another family needs their pastor. The Sunday mornings where she alone must wrangle, feed, and dress the kids to get them to the church on time because her pastor/ husband needed to be there early for sound check and prayer. The times when there is a “no show” nursery worker or Sunday School teacher and she is the one tapped to fill in. All the special church dinners and programs where she is the organizer, decorator, and cleanup crew. Your pastor’s wife is the prayer warrior, encourager, and support behind the man of God when he feels discouraged and defeated. Her role is vital to his success! Let’s honor her and let her know that she is loved and appreciated for all she does to care for your pastor and his family so that he can better focus on shepherding the flock God has entrusted to him.