Pastor/Church: Pastor Ed Sears/Grace Baptist Church/Winston-Salem, NC

Submitted By:  Pam

Comments:  Pastor Sears is a wonderful pastor but of course anyone could say that about their pastor. He is very special in that he has been there more than 30 years, has led our church by his example, keeping us focused and in the Word continually, never straying.. He has always put emphasis on missions at home and abroad and that’s just one of the reasons I believe God has blessed our church. He’s spent many long nights in the midnight hours with families dealing with sickness or tragedy while serving as chaplain to our local hospitals. He’s given much of himself. He’s been at Grace now more than 30 years and still has an unmatched passion for the Lord that overflows to all of us! He’s much deserving of this honor though we know all praise goes to the Lord.

Pastor/Church: Pastor Jaime Herrera/House of Worship/Ridgeway, VA

Submitted By:  Adrian Serrano

Comments:  What could I say about my pastor? He is kind, devoted to his church, he loves his family, but over all he loves God. He has been through a lot this year going through cancer and a tumor. Some could say he should retire but my pastor doesn’t want to retire because his love for God is much greater. That’s why my pastor is who he is- a hardworking man that has devoted his life to God and won’t quit now. So, thank you pastor for everything you have done and for what you will coninue to do and I pray to God that you will get better and be able to come back to church

Pastor/Church: Pastor Tim Gammons/Woodland Baptist Church/ Winston-Salem

Submitted By:  Rick M.

Comments: Brother Tim loves all people enough to tell them the truth. Brother Tim Gammon’s is the most humble, sincere and steadfast pastor that I have ever known. We Love You Brother Tim!

Pastor/Church: Billy Chapman/ The Rock Church/ Morganton NC

Submitted By: Lori

Comments: Pastor Chapman is a man of God when he Preaches everbody in the Church listing to him. He is such a blessing to the Church and he is true god fearing man. We all love him.

Pastor/Church: Bob Lucas/ Walk With Jesus Daily/ Montgomery,Al

Submitted By:Kimberly W

Comments:Pastor Lucas is Awesome, He is always there for his church members. He cares about our needs and our thinking. He walks beside us and leads us. Every Sunday he gives us God’s word. He is very dedicated to the Lord and the church. we praising the Lord in a small church and praying to get a bigger church build. He help with the fun raisers that we have to help get our church build. Pastor Lucas uses his personal time to take care the needs of the church. We love Pastoe Lucas. He absoutly deserves to be honored.

Pastor/Church:  Avery Varnadore/Lighthouse Baptist/Welcome, NC

Submitted By: Patty J.

Comments: Pastor Avery is truly a man of god. He preaches nothing but the word. He talks the talk and walks the walk. He is such a blessing. He so good with the children and our youth. He is always there for his church family. He is a god fearing man. We all love him!

Pastor/Church: Rick Cornejo/Mount Paran Baptist Church/ Deep Gap NC

Submitted By:  Beverly S.

Comments: Preacher Rick is Awesome!! He is always there for his church members going the extra mile being there for hospital trips and whatever. He truly stands on Gods word does not back down from what the Bible says. Several years ago we had a terrible tragedy at our church during VBS. We had a little girl get killed from a falling tombstone. Pastor Rick did an awesome job handling all of that and being there for his church members and counseling with any that needed help. He’s a true man of God and deserves the very best.

Pastor/Church:Name: Dr. Milton Smith/ Equality United Methodist Church/Equality, Alabama

Submitted By: Richard P

Comments: Bro. Milton is truly a Godsend in so many ways! He brings a wealth of background and experience to our little country church, having served the Lord in numerous ways all over the world throughout his ministerial career. We still don’t know how we were so blessed to get him in Equality, Alabama but we sure are thankful that we did! He cares about our needs and challenges our thinking. He relates to our perspectives while broadening our horizons. He walks beside us yet leads us forward. He is open to feedback including constructive criticism. And Sunday after Sunday he expounds God’s word to us with tremendous depth of insight, knowledge, and practical application. We just hope and pray that we can keep him! Thank you Bro. Milton for all you do for us and for the Lord!

Pastor/Church: Henry Waterson/Reeds Baptist Church/Lexington NC

Submitted By: Beverly&Ronald B.

Comments: Pastor Henry is a very godly man.He absolutely preaches the Word.Not only does he talk the talk he walks the walk.We are told on a regular basis how important it is for us to witness to people because the Bible tells us how important it is. He is so very dedicated to the Lord and to our church.He never fails to tell us how much he loves the Lord and us. We also love the Lord and him.We appreciate him very much.He absolutely deserves to be honored.

Pastor/Church: Allen Locklear/Redeeming Love Worship Center/High Point

Submitted By:  McLean Family

Comments: Pastor Allen has always preached the word with truth. He gives everyone an opportunity to minister and find there place in the body. Pastor sacrifices personal time to take care of the needs in the church. Including mowing the lawn. He is very mission mind not only to over seas ministry, but the community. We love Pastor Allen for the freedom he allows each of us to grow in the Lord!

Pastor/Church: Matt Hudson/ Rescue House Church/ Winston Salem, NC

Submitted By:  Paula C.

Comments: Pastor Matt is a Pastor who preaches the gospel and who isn’t afraid to go after those that are extremely lost! He is willing to speak truth, be vulnerable and seek out opportunities to listen. He has been through a lot in the last year and has continued to push through and still bring powerful truths to our Church family. I am grateful that God called him to be our Pastor!!

Pastor/Church: Allen & Alison Locklear/ Redeeming Love Worship Center/High Point, NC

Submitted By: Tim, Robin & Tyler C.

Comments: We would like to thank pastors Allen & Alison Locklear for all the work they do not just in our church but The Church & we are the church. We are so blessed to have such compassionate pastors. It’s not often a 16 year old young man can be impressed but he hangs in every word pastor Allen says.

Pastor/Church: Allen Locklear/Redeeming Love Worship Center/High Point/NC

Submitted By: Ashly C

Comments:  Out of the four years I have been under Pastor Allen’s leadership he has taught my family and I how to be a shining light for Jesus, he has always been there for us and would come down in the trenches to pull us out and he never gave up on us! He is truly a blessing to us and the whole congregation. Truly an anointed man of God that loves deep, shows and gives compassion to others, and has a beautiful servants heart!

Pastor/Church:  Pastor Courtney D. Meadows/First Missionary Baptist Church of White Hall AL

Submitted By: Minister Darryl & Shalonda F.

Comments:  2 Timothy 2:15 says, study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Our Pastor labors making sure that he gives the word to fit all areas of life. We greatly appreciate him!!!

Pastor/Church: Allen Locklear/Redeeming Love Worship Center/High Point, NC

Submitted By: Nicole M.

Comments: My Pastor is the true example of a Shepherd. He is also a NC State Trooper, but still manages to give 100% to the church body. He preaches the true Word of God without sugar coating it. He is bold when he needs to be and compassionate when he needs to be. He has a burning desire to reach the lost, feed the hungry, and give to the needy. I praise God for sending him to Redeeming Love four years ago. He has taught me so much and been an incredible mentor.

Pastor/Church:  Paul Campo/ Victory Chapel/ Hyannis, MA

Submitted By: Kelly Zicko

Comments:  I am so thankful for my Pastor. He has been a rock and a firm foundation to my life. I pray that God will bless his ministry and all the promises of God will come to pass. You and Linda are such a blessing and joy to be around. Thank you for all your sacrifices. God bless you. Love and appreciate you!

Pastor/Church: Dan Bausum, Triad Church, High Point, NC

Submitted By:Katrina A.

Comments:  I am fairly new to Triad Church, but every single time I have attended Pastor Dan is sure come and greet me! It makes being somewhere new feel comfortable.

Pastor/Church: Nate Kingsbury, Shady Grove Wesleyan, Kernersville, NC

Submitted By:Tami R.

Comments: Pastor Nate is so kind and loving.  He is passionate about sharing Jesus’ love with everyone he meets.  He is so sincere and the Holy Spirit is clearly at work within him.

Pastor/Church: Mike Gianopolous, Re:3, Kernersville

Submitted By:Alton R.

Comments: Pastor Mike is one of the most down-to-earth people I know. He makes everyone feel wanted and welcome. He and his wife Beth are truly servant-leaders.

Pastor/Church: Pastor Allen and Alison Locklear/ Redeeming Love Worship Center/High Point, NC

Submitted By:  Arthur and Brenda M.

Comments: I would like to thank pastors Allen and Alison Locklear for preaching the truth love of God. I also appreciate the many hours that they have put into counseling and helping & helping people whether it be a crisis in their life for getting to know Jesus more deeply. The times that we may never know that they have went in the night to help someone in need. I also want to thank you for teaching your congregation you what a real Shepherd is invading his flock in the right direction. May the Lord richly bless you and your family as you continue the work of the Lord.

Pastor/Church: Dave and Tracy Godat/Mercy Ministries/St. Clair, MO

Submitted By:Mitch and Mary W

Comments: My family attended a church for a long time when we felt the Holy Spirit speaking to us to find a church in our own town. This is when we found Mercy and Dave Godat! His honesty, love ,commitment, and just plain rawness of the Word of God is beyond anything I’ve heard. The love of Jesus flows through this man ever so gently and genuinely! His concern and compassion to help see the lost saved the bound set free the sick healed and the lonely find the Lover of their soul it is as if Jesus walks with him and through him all day long!! Upon the very first Sunday we attended the Pastor spoke on ” Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM.” Up to this point in my walk I had not yet given up smoking, but as he spoke there was such life and truth in his message, a longing in his voice and eyes to see these somewhat strangers before him receive this freedom it not only set me free THAT DAY but awakened something in me to hunger more for Who he had! This Pastor and his wife go above and beyond what we see today in the church as being the hands, feet, eyes and ears of Christ and they let us know now and forever it is for their Masters Glory Alone! The Word of God says to those who humble themselves God will Honor and Exalt in due time this is just our way of saying Thank you Pastor Dave and Tracy for every sacrifice of love!

Pastor/Church:  Adam Rackliffe/ Grace Point Community Church/ Wetumpka, AL 

Submitted By: Ashley E.

Comments: My pastor has always had an open ear ready to listen to me when I was at my lowest, to even during my beginning stages of finding my path to God. He has preached about whats in the bible, and never told what people wanted to hear, but what we needed to hear, whether we liked it or not. He told the truth, and what God had in store for us. His courage to do so is very inspiring. I love how there’s always something I get from every sermon. This church is where I finally found my faith again, for that I can never repay my thanks, but I am so grateful for such an amazing pastor and church!

Pastor/Church: Dr. Dwight Blankenship/Parkway Baptist Church/St. Louis, MO

Submitted By:Bryan H

Comments: We’re fairly new to the church, but we’ve appreciated his leadership, teaching, and passion for God.

Pastor/Church: Pastor Edward Honeycutt/Stanleyville First Baptist Church/Stanleyville, NC

Submitted By:Patty H.

Comments: MAN OF GOD” What has been so many years ago Now seem like only yesterday – The Spirit of the Lord spoke to you And this is what He had to say. “Go and preach the Gospel message My good news to all you’ll tell – To men and women, boys and girls Salvation from a devil’s hell”. But “Lord”, you quickly said to Him “You know I barely speak – And to stand in fromt of ALL those people, Lord, my knees get very weak”. God promised He’d be with us And that promise He has kept – He’s been with us in our times of joy And with us wehn we have wept. God’s people have been a special blessing As you have walked on earthen sod – But greater still the blessing to be called a “Man of God”. So as your mate, I thank you For answering God’s speical call – And what an honor to have walked with you As you have shared with one and all. These thirty plus years have come and gone As was in His Master plan – And I thank our Heavenly Father To have walked with such a faithful Godly man. God has brough us on this journey Our lives NEVER to be the same – And how can we possible THANK Him Just PRAISE, HONOR, and GLORY to His Precious Holy Name! In HONOR of THIRTY Plus Years of Ministry “My Husband, My Pastor, and My Friend”

Pastor/Church: Bishop Jameel Bryant/ The Help Center Church/Graham, NC

Submitted By:  Jasmine R.

Comments: It is with honor and a privilege for me to post Bishop Jameel L. Bryant on the Wall of Honor. Bishop J.L. Bryant, founder and pastor of The Help Center Church in Graham, North Carolina, is a powerful, strong and anointed speaker, teacher, father, author, and community leader committed to winning souls for Christ and offering help to those in need. In an effort to bring change to the lives of women in the community and the state of North Carolina, Bishop J.L. Bryant in 2013 founded and established Kearah’s Place Inc., a 501 (c)(3), non-profit organization that strives to transform the lives of women that come from drug abuse, domestic violence, prostitution, homelessness, incarceration, as well as unemployment and women just in need for a fresh, new start on life. Kearah’s Place, a Transitional Housing & Resource Center for Women in North Carolina, named after the late Kearah Bryant, Bishop Jameel Bryant’s sister who died from cancer at the age of seven was created in efforts to help women who have had setbacks in their life get back on their feet and have a second chance on life. The mission of Kearah’s Place is to help women evolve into becoming established and accomplished women striving to reach their goals and seeking to obtain a better life. Kearah’s Place offers a continuum of services such as searches for long-term housing, short-term and long-term goal planning, career counseling, one-on-one counseling, Women’s Empowerment Sessions, job readiness and professional etiquette seminars, job assistance and employment referrals, resume-writing development, opportunities for women to further their education, independent and life skills training, community volunteering, healthcare services provided by the Kearah’s Place nursing staff, spiritual guidance through The Help Center Church, transportation back and forth to work, temporary housing, and referrals to other assistance. With two housing facilities currently in operation where residents and residents with children live anywhere from six months to a year, the residents of Kearah’s Place are provided with food, access to a clothing pantry, a bed, closet space, bathroom, and television in the comfort of a fully-furnished home along with the continuous help of the Kearah’s Place staff. In addition to Kearah’s Place, Bishop Bryant offered a free summer camp for kids at no cost to parents during the summer of 2014 and 2015 called The Today’s Anointed Young Scholars (T.A.Y.S.) Summer Bible Bridge Day Camp. The Today’s Anointed Young Scholars Summer Bible Bridge Day Camp was created to reach out to teach young people in the community that it is okay to be positive and love the Lord. This eight-week, Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm summer camp introduced kids to having fun for the summer-being engaged in recreational, outdoor, and team-building activities- as well as learning biblical and academic curriculum in order to prepare them for school as well as life’s trials and tribulations. During the T.A.Y.S. Summer Bible Bridge Day Camp free breakfast, lunch, snack, and transportation if necessary was provided for the kids in the community as well as a trip every Friday for the kids to enjoy the summer. Bishop Bryant, not only a pastor but also an advocate for change and empowering others also through The Help Center Church has housed the homeless off the street in the winter, has adopted families for food and toys for the fall and holiday season, has given money and toiletries (blessing bags) for the poor on the streets, has mentored young people across the state of North Carolina, and who has even shared his personal home for people in the community to live, is a light and a beacon of hope for his church, the community, and the state of North Carolina.

Pastor/Church: Billy Louya/Freedom Baptist Church/Mocksville, NC

Submitted By:  Crystal D.

Comments: Preacher Billy came to Freedom Baptist just a little over 4 years ago. At that time the church only had 16 members and a love for the Lord. Since Preacher Billy came the church has continued to grow and now has over 70 members (praise the Lord!!). He is a very hard working preacher who also holds a full time job as a deputy for the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. So we pray for his safety every day. We are just thankful to God for bringing Preacher Billy to Freedom Baptist and we just want him to know that we all love him very much.

Pastor/Church: Pastor Michael Ricker, Belview Missionary Baptist Church

Submitted By:  William C.

Comments: Pastor Michael is a man of God.  He stands on the KJV Bible because he believes no other will do.  He holds his pastor office with high regard as a man of God.  He is always there for his church through anything.  He loves the youth and is always doing things with them because they are the future of the church if Jesus doesn’t return soon.  No matter what happens to you he is there to help and pray and be the hands and feet of the Lord.  He is a great family man and also great to his church family.  I can listen to him preach no matter how long because he is lead by the Holy Ghost.

Pastor/Church: Pastor Paul Campo/Victory Chapel/Hyannis, MA

Submitted By:  Rachael C.

Comments: When God was handing out charisma, my pastor wasn’t there. But he’s steady. His heart is for God and souls; he proclaims the uncompromising message of the Gospel and upholds its standards. My pastor’s eyes are fixed. His goal is to get as many on the boat as possible and safely to the desired haven-Heaven. *** EXCERPT from my post, “I Call Him Pastor,” in my series for Pastor Appreciation Month. Here’s the link:

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