What is 42%? It means little without context. 42% can be positive. You got a 42% return on your investments this year! It can also be nerve-wracking. Your company is going to lay off 42% of its workforce. Sometimes the impact of 42% is massive. 42% of pastors are seriously considering leaving the ministry altogether. That’s a recent, and real, Barna polling statistic. It’s significant and impactful for the kingdom of God.

The question is, why?  Well, the reasons include stress, isolation, divisions, family impact, political pressures and more. But it is a very complex concern. Many churches have an underlying, unintentional culture of criticism toward their pastor. That culture may be unnoticeable to much of the congregation, but not to the pastor.  If you think your church is always caring, have a candid conversation with your pastor. Ask to hear the truth. Many pastors are reluctant to share out of fear that a small comment will get blown out of proportion, but their environment is likely more stressful than they will admit.

Changing a culture is not a simple task. It starts with one person who sees a need. That person enlists the help of others, and the battle begins. One enormous aid in the fight is having someone as an advisor or mentor to come along side. Someone who has been down that road before.

To celebrate pastor appreciation month, Energize Ministries is offering free training for others in local churches to be Pastor Care Representatives. We’re here to help you care for your pastor. If you’re looking for a way to serve, and support your church and pastor, please visit EnergizeMinistries.com and click “get involved” for our Pastor Care rep – or PCR – program information. #BeTheOne to take up the cause for your pastor and let’s lift up the 42% fighting burnout – and keep others from joining them.