A pastor’s wife recently shared how she was overwhelmed with all the jobs and responsibilities she had in her role as a pastor’s wife. She said, “I don’t feel ‘seen’ and yet I know I’m always ‘watched’”. She then added,

“Does that make any sense?”  Yes, her description makes total sense to anyone who’s been in ministry. It also beautifully describes the unique and often forgotten position many pastor’s wives find themselves in.

How about your pastor’s wife? Do you really “see” her and make sure she is “seen” and appreciated for all she does, often behind the scenes and often without pay.

Do you make sure she doesn’t feel “watched” and talked about for what she does or doesn’t do or how her children behave?

You can #betheone who can change this pastor’s wife’s words from “not seen” and “watched” to “loved” and “appreciated.”