One topic that comes up often in ministry circles is the unexpected loneliness that comes with ministry. You might wonder how ministry can be lonely when you are surrounded by people day in and day out.  Maybe you haven’t thought about the fact that many in ministry have left their hometowns along with their family and friends so that they could answer God’s call to serve in a church.  They might have moved hours and states away from home and their extended family members. Many pastors and their families have no relatives to join them for holiday meals or grandparents that can attend their kids concerts or sporting events. If your pastor’s family has made the sacrifice that involves leaving family, why not #betheone to step up to be an “adopted grandparent, aunt, or uncle” for a day. Make sure they get an invitation to join you for holiday dinners or summer picnics with your family so that missing their loved ones is not quite so lonely on those special family time celebrations.