For better or worse, we are all fallen human beings. We are likely to mess things up from time to time and let others down in the process. This includes your pastor.  So, what should you do if you believe your pastor has fallen short in some way?  Here is some wisdom recently shared with us by Rev. Joseph Jennings who is a pastor and an area superintendent of a large denomination.

“I occasionally hear lay people point out deficiencies in their pastor…let me encourage all of you first and foremost to pray for your pastor! Nothing else will make as much of a difference in your pastor’s development. Talking critically among other church members never helps. Talking directly with your pastor may help if it’s done in humility and love. BUT, talking about it with God will change both you and your pastor more than you can imagine”

Today, if you are feeling let down by your pastor, be the one to lift him up in prayer, seeking God’s wisdom and discernment about how best to restore your relationship.