Life has its major events. Some good, some not. But often it is the little things that make or break our day. I love affirmation. That’s my love language. I am also one of those people who downplays it when I get it (yes, those people). But inside I love it. A little encouragement fuels me. A little negativity is exactly the opposite (and I downplay that also). I’m ready to go home as soon as I hear it – unless I hear it from someone that I know loves me. Then I listen.

Well, pastors have those same things too. They don’t show it most of the time either. So be the encourager for your pastor. Tell them positive things, put an uplifting note on their door, take them a bag of M&Ms. Or take them out for coffee. But, you have to know what makes your pastor’s day to be good at that. What is their love language? Don’t know? Well, how about asking them? Then you know where to start to be a source of joy for your pastor.