If someone were to write a classified ad seeking to fill the position of “Pastor’s Wife” it might look something like this:

WANTED: A dedicated, supportive woman to serve as partner to the minister of a local congregation.  She must have a sweet, friendly personality with an unlimited supply of energy, patience and free time.  She must be an excellent wife, mother and homemaker, as the cleanliness of her home, her relationship with her husband and the behavior of her children will be closely monitored and assessed.  In addition to maintaining the home and caring for the children, she will be asked to actively participate in numerous church ministries and activities. Cooking skills are a plus, because she will be expected to attend a multitude of pot-luck gatherings.  Most importantly, she should be a woman of great faith who never stumbles in her walk.

Hours-24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year   Salary– Treasures in Heaven

Clearly, being a pastor’s wife is both incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging.  Be the one to tell her how much you appreciate her!  And, don’t forget to pray for your pastor and his family on a regular basis.