Have you ever had a time in life when you were dealing with some difficult issue at work, and it seemed like everything in your personal and family life got complicated at the same time? It was emotionally trying and taxing to all your relationships. Some people compartmentalize well. Work stays at work, home at home. Many do not. This can be especially hard for a pastor. When the struggles and cares of a congregation lay on a pastor’s shoulders, in addition to their own, sometimes it is overwhelming. This is known as compassion fatigue. The pastor carries the pain of others home with them and family issues are compounded for the already weary pastor. Caring deeply for the needs of people they love can drain a pastor. We need to recognize this potential burden and give our pastors space, encourage times of refreshment for them and to foster relationship fullness in their own family. Let’s respect their days off and be empathetic to the complex and emotional issues that they face daily.