Within the tenure of my father’s pastorate — being a tyke myself — I remember the slowest part of a Sunday. The slowest part of a Sunday wasn’t the sermon, nor was it the worship. The slowest part of a Sunday were the conversations my mother and father would get into after the service — conversations I would later find out to have been encouraging and edifying for both my parents and the rest of the church body. Perhaps you’ve been ministered to after a Sunday church service — I know I have. Perhaps you’ve also seen a child twiddling their thumbs after a service. There’s a good chance his or her parents are enjoying some fruitful fellowship, but who’s to say that they themselves are free from the need of fellowship? This is a reminder to pour into the smallest of us, especially those whose parent is serving as a minister. At the least, you’d be looking to the needs of the least, and at the most you could be cultivating a love for the Lord and His people within another.  As followers of Christ, we need keen eyes that search out the needs of others, eyes that lower their gaze every once in a while.