Have you ever noticed how many times God uses broken people and things to accomplish His plans?

The loaves and fishes needed to be broken in the miracle of feeding the 5000

Gideon and his measly army of 300 men had to break their clay pot lamps before God gave them the impossible victory over the Midianites.

God sent a storm to break apart Paul’s ship in order to get him where he was supposed to be.

And most importantly of all, Jesus’ body had  be broken in order for the price of our sin to be completely and forever PAID IN FULL.

Pastors, you may feel broken after this past year of ministry, but rest assured that

broken doesn’t have to mean defeated, hopeless, or ruined.  “Broken” in God’s

eye is often the place he needs us to be in order for Him to begin new miracles and show forth His greatness and power. God is still taking broken things and turning them into victories.  Stay tuned because God is not finished writing your final chapter, and He is still our miracle working God. 🙂