Are you curious about how Chat GPT would describe a pastor? Well, here you go.
AI says, “In essence, pastors are architects of societal well-being. Their influence extends into the very heart of our communities, shaping a world where compassion, morality, and unity prevail. Let us recognize and appreciate the profound impact they have in weaving the threads that bind us together.”
That is pretty good. But it focuses on the practical part of a pastor’s job and minimizes a vital piece; the spiritual – leading the church in the Truth of Jesus of Nazareth. Social, moral and unifying tasks are great, but teaching and driving the gospel truth are essential. To paraphrase Paul, if Jesus isn’t raised from the dead,  Christians should be pitied. But if Jesus is raised, our eternal hope is far greater than any short-term social or moral cause. Let’s help our pastors as they fight for both the practical and the weightier spiritual matters of the good news.