There is a story in the Old Testament that offers a beautiful picture of what it looks like to support our ministry leaders.  In this story, we find the Israelites at war and their leader, Moses, on a mountaintop praying for victory.  Moses prays with his arms reaching upward toward heaven until he gets too tired to hold up his arms any longer.  But, he notices that when he lowers his arms, the Israelites start losing the battle.  His brother, Aaron, and close friend, Hur, see that he is struggling so they come alongside him and help him hold up his arms.  They did this for hours until the Israelites arose victorious.

Like Moses with his trembling and sore arms, there’s a good chance that your pastor grows weary at times. We need to be like Aaron and Hur, first becoming aware of the struggle and then coming alongside our church leaders with support and encouragement. There are so many meaningful ways to do this.  A handwritten note, a gift card or even an offer to babysit so he and his wife can have a date night would all be very much appreciated.

Most importantly, remember to regularly and fervently pray for your pastor and ministry leaders.  By taking an active role in caring for our pastors we are helping them have the strength they need to keep their arms and spirits lifted high.