Happy New Year!  Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?  Maybe, in addition to eating healthier, exercising more and spending more time with your family, you could make a resolution to be more intentional about supporting and encouraging your pastor and his family.  Here are three specific ways you can follow through with this goal:

  • Commit to pray at least once per week for your pastor.  Pray for his family, his ministry and for protection from spiritual attack.
  • At least once each month tell your pastor a specific thing he did or said that helped you in some way.
  • Take your pastor out for coffee or lunch at least once this year with no hidden agendas, problems or criticisms to share.  Use the time just to talk, laugh, and most importantly, listen.

Just imagine what great things would happen if everyone in your church made (and kept) the same resolution! Share this idea, and #BeTheOne to resolve to care for your pastor and his family throughout 2017.