We all need a pat on the back sometimes for a job well done -at our jobs, at home, in our social groups. As Christians we’re called to be an encouragement to others wherever God has called us. It’s part of spreading the Good News because Christ gives us joy. A smile and a compliment can go a long way! Still, we’re promised trials and tribulation. Besides finding comfort and hope in God’s promises, we need healthy ways to free our minds of the worry that ensnares us. Encouragement, refreshment and recreation help us to rejuvenate and find our balance.

Many don’t realize that Pastors struggle too. They have spouses and children, emergency expenses, emotional highs and lows. Some pastors feel isolated, that no one cares about how they’re doing. Why not “Be The One!” to give your pastor a pat on the back. Take him out for coffee or fishing. He’ll thank you!