“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Of course, you didn’t believe that when your mom quoted it to you as a hurt, crying child, and now as an adult we realize the fallacy of that statement even more.

The truth of the matter is that words and names do hurt us; and Satan loves nothing more than to remind us of those negative words that we have had thrown at us throughout our lifetime. “Useless, unworthy, weak, disappointing, no good, not enough, misguided, weak, clumsy, dumb…and the list goes on. The enemy can replay these words- we’ve had said about us over the years and the ones we even call ourselves, and he can play them on a loop over and over in our mind.

For your pastors, Satan is constantly trying to destroy them, and he knows that he can often make them feel unqualified for the high calling on their lives.  He knows he can use words often said through you and me to lessen the effectiveness of the ministry God has for them.

Sometimes we all need reminders of the names our Heavenly Father calls us.  “My beloved, child of the most-high God, heir, friend, redeemed, protected, set apart, and a wonderfully created workmanship- in His image!

Turn the channel from what the father of lies is saying and let’s stream the truth of God’s word!  Join us as we pray for you and your pastors today, and let’s all remind each other to be strong and courageous!  We can proceed as the children and heirs of the King that we truly are.