Do you have someone you trust that allows you to share your innermost burdens and will give you counsel and godly advice?

Proverbs tells us that a wise man seeks advice but finding that advisory person for a pastor can be tricky and hard to navigate.

Pastors are the ones that other people come to for wisdom and direction. They are supposed to have a “direct line to God.”   It can be hard for them to admit to themselves that at times they too need to seek outside counsel, and unfortunately, many have learned the devastating consequences of confiding in the wrong advisor.  Therefore instead, they choose to keep everything deep inside with no outlet to confide their deepest struggles and hurts.  This can often lead to frustration, burn out, resignation from ministry, and health concerns.

Being in ministry surrounded by people can still be a very isolating place.  It can be a struggle for a pastors to share family and personal issues fearing the impact on their ministry and reputation.

Pastors, we, at Energize Ministries understand your unique situation and are here to be a listening ear and a confidential friend. We have experienced staff ready to come by your side, meet you for coffee, pray with you, encourage you, and just be a safe place to share your heart.

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