Have you ever been wounded?  Not the physical wounds that break bones and cut your skin…I’m talking about the deep wounds that penetrate to the inner parts of your heart and soul.

The Bible warns us that in this world we will have trials and trouble.  We expect that from the world and really aren’t surprised when those things happen.  But what happens when it’s the church, the body of Christ that has caused your pain?  Those wounds have a way of cutting to the deepest parts of our souls and often take the longest time to heal, sometimes leaving permanent scars that last a lifetime.

In my (pastor’s) family, these wounds caused some of our worst suffering because they came from sources we were not expecting.  These wounds, not inflicted by the world or our enemy, instead were inflicted by the very ones we have shepherded, cared for, wept with, and rejoiced with.  These hurts cut the deepest.  These wounds, inflicted by the Body of Christ, our very own brothers and sisters, felt like betrayals that ran deep- and often came when we were already weary and struggling.  It’s like being on the front lines of battle and being shot by friendly fire.

Can we do better? Can we be the one that shows love and encouragement as we care for the hurting?  Look for an opportunity to speak life into your pastor’s family and let’s not give Satan the satisfaction of seeing the Church take aim at our own.

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