Wearing Masks

Wearing Masks


Long before the days of “COVID-19” being a daily part of our household vocabulary, I can

remember wearing masks to church.  Not the ones made of fabric, but the one with the “painted

smile” when my heart was breaking; or the “I’m good thanks, how are you?” one, when I was

definitely NOT good; or “Yes, I can help with that” when I already have more on my plate than I

can possibly handle.  I’m sure you’ve worn these masks too, but as a pastor’s wife the

expectations to have the perfect family, marriage and ministry made the masks seem

endless.  The pastor’s wife “SHOULD” take meals to the sick, speak at the ladies’ events or

better yet, plan them, staff the nursery, teach in the children’s ministry, welcome new visitors,

and sing on the praise team. Never mind that her husband is the extrovert in the family, and she

gets nauseated for a weeks before a public speaking event, or that organizing is NOT her

spiritual gift. These voiced or un-voiced expectations bring out the masks I’ve learned to wear

through the years.  Coming from this pastor’s wife, please see the real me behind my mask and

let me feel safe enough to leave my mask at home or better yet throw it away.

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