Don’t Let Satan Get a Bullseye!

Don’t Let Satan Get a Bullseye!

How often do you remember to pray for your pastor’s children? 

Satan puts a direct target on their backs because he knows that he can wreak havoc in your church by having your pastor’s kids mess up. 

Do you realize the pressures these kids face every day?  One PK recently shared that the coworkers at her part-time job in the mall, had decided their life’s goal was to show this “goodie two-shoes” all the things she had been missing in her 16 yrs. of life and were determined to “corrupt” her.  Unfortunately, they succeeded in their efforts and there were long lasting consequences that affected this girl’s church and pastor’s family.

Thankfully through the prayers of many, this young woman is now living for and serving the Lord in another ministry her father helped to grow.  We praise God for redemptive stories like this, but we are all too aware of the targets on the backs of our PK’s, and the destructive battle for their souls. 

Will you be the one to pray for God’s protection around these PK’s and their families?  Your timely prayers may be just what’s needed to save someone else from a bad decision that could lead to a life of pain and regret.  Your prayer matters right now. 

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