New Year New Bills!

New Year New Bills!

Delivering a powerfully inspired Sunday sermon that impacts their congregation with the word of God is every pastor’s passion. But that’s just one part of his duties. Overseeing the church’s finances is another duty that the pastor shares.

With the new fiscal year just around the corner, budget season looms ever closer. And for churches with limited resources and money, the thought of working through financial projections for the coming year can bring feelings of dread and anxiety. Finances are needed for staff wages and benefits, maintaining church facilities and equipment, utilities, and ministry programs here and abroad to name a few. Having additional cash reserves for emergencies is necessary too.

Every pastor wants to be a good steward of the resources that God has given him. Be the one to pray that God gives your pastor and his staff peace and wisdom during this important time of financial planning so your church may prosper in 2020.

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