What’s Your Pastor’s Batting Average?

What’s Your Pastor’s Batting Average?

Did you know that the record for the highest batting average in Major League Baseball still belongs to outfielder Ty Cobb. He had an average of .366 over twenty four seasons. That means that for every 10 times at bat, he only succeeded in getting on base a little more than three times.  

While most of us strive for perfection, the truth is, other than Jesus, no one is perfect. Not even your pastor. But, there are lots of people in your church expect him to “bat a thousand” every Sunday. Not only must he face his own inner critic, he has folks in his congregation who are quick to let him know if he does or says something in error.

Why not be the one in your church who instead of holding your pastor to an unrealistic ideal, supports and encourages him without condition.

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