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What We Do

We are tirelessly working to transform congregational care from what’s most common to what’s most needed so that its ultimately most effective!


How We Do It

  • Provide direct encouragement, coaching, and counseling for pastors.
  • Provide friendship, accountability, and confidential prayer support for pastors.
  • Provide recreational and refreshing experiences for pastors, ministers, chaplains, and other spiritual leaders.
  • Provide overnight retreats for pastors and their families.
  • Provide facilities and/or activities for staff leadership and vision casting retreats.
  • Campaign nationally for better pastoral care and prayer programs
  • Educate, encourage, and provide instruction to individuals and congregations on the vital hows and whys of pastoral care.
  • Provide speakers and facilitate interviews and contests to further spread the importance and simplicity of actively caring for your pastor(s).

The emotional roller coaster is draining. Your pastor needs a break; many times – it needs to be a break free of the multiple distractions confronting every pastor.

Thom S. Rainer
President, Lifeway Christian Resources