Energize Ministries

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Refresh Your Pastor

Ten Ways to Encourage and Refresh Your Pastor

  1. Send a quick text of gratitude to your pastor- let them know you appreciate them
  2. Encourage your pastor to take a regular day off each week
  3. Treat your pastor to breakfast or lunch
  4. Send your pastor for a 1, 2, or 3 Day Retreat
  5. Provide a date for your pastor and their spouse (gift certificate at nice restaurant)
  6. Enter your pastor in one of Energize Ministry’s Radio Contests
  7. Send your pastor an encouraging heartfelt email or handwritten letter expressing your appreciation
  8. Train others in your church to encourage their pastor by becoming an Inner Church Representative (ICR)
  9. Host an Event in your community to promote regular pastor refreshment
  10. Support Energize with a one-time or monthly donation in honor of your pastor