No one needs an opportunity to ‘get away from it all’ more than actively engaged pastors and their wives. When I learned of what [Energize Ministries] has put together for pastors, I wanted to pump my fist in the air and shout ‘Yea!’ I know many pastors are going to be refreshed and renewed for God’s calling upon their lives.

David Jeremiah

Turning Point Ministries

I feel like our church is a five story building and I’m the only pillar holding it up. Thank you Energize Ministries for your ongoing support, means more now than ever.

Chris Jones Testimonial


At the end of a particularly difficult week, my husband was able to spend the afternoon with Energize Ministries on a guys’ adventure in the woods’…I had a new husband when he got back! Cindy Annan

Pastor's Wife

May God bless your efforts. The clergy really need what you have to offer.

H.B. London

Focus on the Family

My family and I have been generously invited to outings like this for years. [Energize] always provides a great time of energizing my life, marriage and ministry.

Troy Good

Youth Director

For me, two of the most challenging aspects of pastoral ministry that most people have little opportunity to relate to are: 1) the emotional roller coaster of a given week; and, 2) the struggle to measure progress in the ministry.  Every day is unpredictable as you may ride an emotional high one day (e.g. people coming to Christ, weddings, baptisms) followed by the opposite the next day (conflict, people leaving the church, marriages falling apart, unexpected funerals). Even the highs and lows of any given Sunday can grind on pastors. It’s often tough to discern whether or not you’re succeeding in ministry because life change or ministry momentum is hard to create or observe. More often than not, we see the disappointments rather than the fruit. It can sometimes take years to see the benefits of the ministry which is different from many industries where you can measure your labor more easily. Pastors get discouraged and even leave the ministry because they don’t think their efforts make a difference. Thanks for all you’re doing for pastors, myself included.

Robert McKeehan

Senior Pastor

I was able to stay at one of these [Energize] mountain cabins for a few days of reading, praying, writing and relaxing. The setting was inspiring, beautiful and best of all quiet. Though it was a time of retreat, I was able to accomplish things that would have been impossible amidst the constant pressure of ministry. Afterwards, I came back refreshed and ready to resume the good race.

Joseph Jennings

Senior Pastor

Having been retired from the pulpit for years, I can only tell you how much I wish this kind of thing had been available to me. Today more than ever, we need this. I see the eternal value of this program.

Bob McGill

Retired Minister

Cindy and I just wanted to say thank you for a great weekend at the lake. It gave us a slice of peace wedged in between two very intense weeks. It gave us time to get rested and refreshed, and supplied us with the emotional stamina to handle everything on our plate. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in our lives this way.

Jon Eric Wooward

Worship Leader